Saturday 23 November 2013

Trojan Olympus site review 23-11-2013

So here I am again, hoping to start up this blog again. I don't want to make any promises, but things should be on the up.

So to begin, we have been visiting our new local CQB site for some late evening games.
We have been to Trojan Airsoft games in the past, and haven't been disappointed. It is run by Ben and Dale who are in my opinion, very passionate about the game, and this passion is conveyed through the fun games they provide and the work they put into their sites.

With a dynamic layout and multiple floors, Trojan's Olympus site makes for some excellent gameplay and some unforgettable battles.

Over the past few weeks, we have played at the Olympus sites multiple times, and each time, the layout has changed; this great as it is never the same, even for regulars.
A bonus about Olympus is that it is also home to Trojan's shop, which is stocked with pistols, AEGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Tactical gear, consumables and much more.

A nice collection of the
Airsoft guns on sale.
A range of Tactical gear can be purchased
on site.
Trojan Retail opening times.
I couldn't get an pictures of the actual site as I was too busy playing, and it was kind of dark... Very dark actually. If you intend on gaming at Olympus, you WILL need a torch, half of the building is in practically total darkness, which makes for some great ambushes and sneaky knife kills.

They even have a Ghillie Suit.

Overall, my experiences at Olympus and with Trojan as a whole have been excellent! As with most things in life, it isn't perfect, but it's getting there. With the hard working staff constantly improving the site and refining games, I'm sure this will be a venue that many airsofters will frequent and thoroughly enjoy.

Carmont's rating : 7 out of 10

I'm will certainly be returning to Olympus and hopefully can update this post with pictures of the game zone.

- Carmont

Trojan's Facebook - Trojan's Facebook Page

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Welcoming Dan and Introducing Project A.A.D.S.

Hi there guys,

First off let me introduce myself, I'm Dan and have been playing airsoft for little over a year with the guys from PTG. I'm hoping to get to more games over the spring and summer now that I am finishing my second year at University very soon.

Some time this weekend, I will be putting up some written reviews of my current load out and armoury for you to read and at some point, some guides and tutorials when I have extra time. Also as a programmer, I will probably get back on track building a dedicated website for PTG and get it up and running in the near future!

Carmont and I are actually working on a substantial project at the moment that we are not discussing amongst anyone but ourselves. We intend to publish an article at least once a week on the progression of the project and it should be rather exciting! We are naming it Project: A.A.D.S. and hope you will follow our progress and support us through our journey.

I'll leave you guessing what the project entails until next time.


Tuesday 12 February 2013

Carmont's KJWorks KC-02 Update 12-02-2013

Just a quick post to let you guys know, that I haven't forgot about this.

There have been some changes made to this rifle since my first post regarding it. And there are more to come. It's just taking longer than I anticipated.

To start with I thought I would tackle the thing that bothered me the most, which was that stock, it was almost a bathroom beige colour.
As a test I took the highest grain sandpaper I could get my hands on and got stuck in, and after around 40 minutes of sanding, the effort almost seemed futile. There was so much paint on that thing that it would of taken hours just to get the paint removed, then there is the prep for re-spray, then the re-spray, and all this seemed like far too much effort. So I looked around and I managed to find a pre-owned stock in pretty much mint condition for a great price. 

Inaddition to the external improvements, I have changed out the hop bucking as the stock one seem to be sending the BB's flying out to the right, which just isn't practical at all, no amount of compensation could get the B's on target.
So I got myself FALCON Enhanced Hop Up Rubber (60 Degree) and now it is shooting like a dream again.

I will add some pictures of the rifle some time in the next few days, as I'm currently writing this at 01:00am.

Thats all from me on this matter,

Hopefully we will be hearing off Deck in the near future,

- Carmont

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Trojan Airsoft Antics 06-02-2013

Here is a little video we threw together of a few mischievous fellas and their booms!

Stay safe when playing airsoft!

- Carmont

Trojan Airsoft's Grand Opening 06-02-2013

Trojan Airsoft is woodland site, that is ran by a top notch group of people, and over the weekend they held their grand opening game.

They have turned a bunch of trees into an awesome woodland battlefield which has everything from bunkers to a village, it even has a fort with moat!
Needless to say, this is one of the best woodland sites I have played at.

There were 3 games over the weekend of which PTG attended, and each one was more fun than the last. I did plan to spend a few hours filming over the weekend, but I was so engrossed in the game that I hardly turned my camera on!

The games they had set out were balanced nicely for both teams allowing for CQB and field tactics to be utilised. 

Our experience as a team was plundered from the get go on day 1, as half of us were put onto the apposing team, (this was great for me personally, as I got the opportunity to shoot my supervisor from work, which I dont have to tell you is great fun). 

All the staff that were there over the weekend were really friendly and were easily approachable, along with the staff from SWAT Paintball & Airsoft who came along to take lots of awesome pictures (Can be found HERE) and give a hand with the marshalling.

A big thank you to Ben and Dale for providing us with an awesome weekend of shooting! We will definitely be returning, and hopefully I can find the time to get filming done and take pictures, maybe even interview a few people!



Wednesday 9 January 2013

Mil-Tec Carrier Vest 'modular System' 9-1-2013

Here is my review of my newest purchase.

So my experiance with Tac vest, carriers etc, has been somewhat interesting to say the least.

I first started with a chest rig which simply carried 6 M4/M16 style magazines, and with limited MOLLE real esate on it, things were simple.
Then I made the move into a plate carrier, with the hope of being able to set it up in such a way that I could carry a decent ammount of magazines (AEG and pistol), carry my radio, admin, hydration, and other airsoft essentials (snacks being the most important).

But I found that being built like a number 2 pencil, I couldnt get the Carrier to fit me. So I ditched it and played with my pockets, everything went in them. But I found that things started to impede my movement, things would fall out or get broken. So I set about looking for a solution...

And this is what I came up with...

I purchased this from Military1st and my god does it work wonders.


Inside pockets for sotring maps, wallets, keys etc

D-rings for use with a Molle belt platform
Lightweight (I can hardly feel the thing)
Lots of Molle to mount whatever I like
Extremly adjustable (fits like a glove)

Lots of flappy straps (easy fix with cable ties or lecky tape)

All this for the sweet price of £35. Also with this I purchased a hydration pouch and bladder to keep myself hydrated during games, and its the perfect set-up for my style of play.

I would confidently recommend this for anyone who is just starting out in airsoft as it's easy on the wallet, nice and lightweight, and most definitely not complex to adjust unlike some other rigs out there.


Wednesday 3 October 2012

Carmont's KJ Works KC02 03-10-2012

Right, I am going to be starting a "DMR' project. Something I have wanted to do, but never got round to doing.

So my base gun is going to be the KJ Works KC02.

I got this rifle in a trade on one of the forums I use, which all ready gave me a few things to work with.

As you can see in the picture (right) I got quite a few extras, including;
- 3 x 22rnd Mags
- Magpul Stock (I forget which model)
- LE style stock
- Aimpoint
- Magpul AFG1
- Mock Suppresser
- Selection of rail covers.

Now first things first, I want to get an NPAS fitted, to ensure I can make this rifle meet site FPS limits, which in it's self is a head ache.
Re-spray it, as that 'tan' is awful. Might even go for a mixed paint job.
Also I want to replace the already extended barrel to at least half way through the suppresser.
Upgrade the Hop as at the moment it is a bit naff.
Stick a nice compact scope on there like this one from NCStar.

So what I am asking of you is, if you have dealt with this rifle, what upgrades do you suggest? Brands, parts, BB weights.

I will try keep you guys updated on the progress of this rifle.



NPAS Has been ordered, Krylon is inbound. I shall get a little video of each posted when I get time. I sense a lot of cut scenes and censoring the profanity while fitting the NPAS, only time will tell.

Tuesday 11 September 2012

We're back! 11-09-2012

So finally, after far too long, we are back online with a new computer.

I'll be uploading more content now, mostly blogposts, I still need to get the hang of Apple's editing software (I'm getting there slowly).

Remember, we are still very interested in all you guys and gals, so please feel free to submit a player profile to us via

So for now, fairwell